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How The World's Most Advanced Car Was Stolen, Middle-East Bound & Left to Die!

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Video Details:
It’s the end of a very busy week, and Evoto rentals suddenly realizes that one of their Tesla rentals has not been returned.

Evoto Rentals is in the business of Short-term Tesla Renting in Montreal. When we realized that the car was not returned on its due date, we got suspicious. A week before, a client had rented the Tesla Model S using a prepaid credit card, a fake id, and a burner cell phone.

Evoto's rental cars are set up in a way which no one can disable the remote monitoring. With these means, they are able to track the cars at all times. This lead them to a crater/container packaging & shipping company on the outskirts of Montreal. It made no sense to have a rented Tesla and left it in such a place.

With the Tesla app locator, they were able to get a warrant to search the place. They involved the local police with the intention to seize the car, but by the time they got to the warehouse, the car was no longer there. It was already in a container destined for the Middle East with a prior stop in Italy for ship transfer. The ship literally had just sailed.

Following the paperwork, they were able to uncover the exact destination of where our Tesla was heading as well as the container and ship it was on. The shipping documents for the container stated the content as being 12 packs of scrap metal, while its real content was the stolen Tesla and a Nissan Pathfinder, also stolen from another rental company.

Evoto's management and law firm then involved SPVM (Montreal police), INTERPOL and the Italian police. The container was seized at customs in Italy. More paper work! More legal work! And after many weeks of international involvement and collaboration, the Tesla was finally shipped back home. In one piece.

Toronto and Montreal have had record high car thefts and what is referred to as friendly fraud (renting a car under false pretense) in the past few years due to the close access to the Montreal port for shipping as well as minimal repercussions of the crime. There is also a political tug of war between the border authorities and local authorities over who needs to manage this, as well as a lack of funding & time to scan each container but that is a whole other story.

Today Evoto runs background checks on every customer and has a second GPS tracking system on their fleet of all Tesla models S, X and 3.

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