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Using GPS Software With Your GPS Tracking Receiver For All Global Positioning Needs

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GPS Tracking Systems suitable for fleet management and anti-theft. Track your company vehicles via internet and generate fleet activity management. Types Of GPS Tracking Systems Included In The Directory

To aid buyers of gps tracking systems and gps tracking devices we have written this specific guide featuring all the major companies who currently provide gps tracking systems into a number of specific vertical markets.

The guide covers companies in the following GPS tracking markets:

Container Tracking: Companies in this category are experts in providing solutions that can provide specialist technology for the tracking and security of containers across land and ocean. This can include container tracking devices that work using GPS with satellite communications as well as cellular and RFID networks.
Offender Tracking: Offender tracking system suppliers are experts in technology that is increasingly being used to monitor the movements of criminals who are allowed to serve their sentence on a 'home arrest' type arrangement. Companies included in this category can provide ankle and wrist worn devices to track the offenders location as well as the backend software systems to display and record the offenders movements.
Package Tracking: Companies featured in this category have developed devices and software technologies that can be used for tracking and monitoring the movement of packages as they transit between shipper and receiver. GPS package tracking system suppliers have developed systems that use high sensitive tracking devices that can receive and transmit an accurate location of the package whilst inside a building such as a warehouse. Package tracking systems are increasingly used by shippers to ensure that their packages arrive at their intended destination and, if they dont, to locate the missing package and retrieve it.
Personal Tracking: As GPS tracking technology has improved, many companies and individuals have shown interest in utilising systems for tracking of people. Companies in this category supply highly specialised and reliable systems that can now safeguard vulnerable people for health and safety and medical reasons.
Animal Tracking: With miniaturisation of tracking device hardware and the improvements in performance, GPS tracking systems can be specialised for the tracking of a wide range of animals. Companies in the animal tracking category are experts in developing and implementing systems for use in the marine industry; rare species protection and also domestic wildlife for use as pet tracking.
Ship Tracking: Companies in this category have significant experience in providing services to ship owners and operators that can be used for realtime tracking of their marine vessels. The systems can be used to comply with international maritime legislation and also as shipping fleet management and security. Ship tracking systems are not just for large, ocean going merchant vessels, but can also be used for yachts and pleasure craft.
Trailer Tracking: Many businesses operate trailer fleets that are of high value and also need to be managed and utilised efficiently. Ofen, these trailers are left unused until required and are vulnerable to theft. Moreover, these trailers are often transporting high value cargo which the operator wants to ensure for their client reaches the intended destination. Companies in the trailer tracking category have developed devices and supporting software systems that can be used to secure trailers but also to aid the operator in manage their fleet of trailers cost effectively.
Vehicle Tracking: One of the original uses for GPS tracking technology, vehicle tracking is proven to be beneficial for a wide range of buyers and is no longer limited to big businesses with large fleets of vehicles. GPS vehicle tracking suppliers in this category include some of the most reputable companies in the fleet management industry and also consumer orientated providers who specialise in systems for consumer vehicles that provide security as well as functions for monitoring teen driver vehicle usage.

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