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Welcome to the Rings

You’re Jack, an advanced cybernetic AI stationed at a mining facility on the rings of Saturn. Alongside Captain Olivia Rhodes, you’ll use your technical ingenuity and futuristic tools to overcome a variety of challenges and obstacles while you investigate a mysterious spatial anomaly.

The last stop before the system’s edge, the Ring Worlds are the new frontier in Solar colonization. Here you’ll find a host of terraforming colonies on Titan, Enceladus, and Dione, along with the greatest energy resource beyond the asteroid belt – the Rings of Saturn.

Nestled among the rings themselves, the Kronos Mining installations drill for the valuable helium-3 locked away within the ice. On Kronos II, Captain Olivia Rhodes is about to make history by handing her operation over to her second-in-command: Jack, a fully adaptive, Echo Unit android.

But space doesn’t always cooperate. And a mission’s not over until your boots are back on solid ground.


The child of a Terran botanist and astrophysicist, Liv is both a brilliant scientist and a first-generation spacer. Both parents were part of the Solar Colonial Initiative – a joint, civilian-military organization aimed at establishing permanent settlements throughout the system. Her father helped establish the first terraforming station over Titan, Saturn’s largest moon.

Graduated top of her class in the Solar Aerospace Academy, excelling in verticals ranging from engineering and geology to robotics and salvage. Recruited by the Atlas Initiative, an organization dedicated to bringing automated systems to dangerous outer planets environments. One of the youngest astronauts ever to earn a command post, and one of the first pioneers enrolled in the Echo Program, which paired her with a fully self-aware android partner.

Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Delphi on Mars Astrophysics from University of Copernicus on Luna

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