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GT07 GPS Tracker And Starter Kill Disable Relay

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At here is how to install GT07 GPS tracker and how to connect starter kill remote switch relay. This gps tracker could be used to manage truck fleet because this tracking device provides IFTA state mileage driving summary report.

The world's smallest GT07 car tracking device could be easily hidden inside any vehicle
for your teen tracking or depending on the legality for any other purposes like catching
your cheating spouse or girlfriend if she drives with your car. Also this GT 07 tracker
could be used to monitor your nanny when she is driving with your kids.

Because of the very small size, this gt 07 tracker could be used not only for the spy
covert detective monitoring but also for the security of your vehicle that prevents from
car to be stolen. Especially by having the option to control the vehicle remotely, you
could disable your stolen car from your home or other location and at the same time
provide the location of the car to the police.

This video shows how to connect this small gt07 gps vehicle tracker with the relay, so the car would be disabled or enabled remotely from any location where the internet service is available from any computer. The biggest advantage of wiring the gps
tracker to the vehicle is that you could track the vehicle for many years without
physically accessing this car again. Plus it will give you the power to control this
vehicle in a real time from any location.

Some people do not know what is the starter kill relay and how the relay works,
especially how it could be connected to the vehicle and GPS tracker. Imagine that the
starter disable relay is a simple switch that turns remotely power ON or OFF.

Let's say you can connect this switch not only to the starter, but to the radio, windows, doors, any lights and remotely you would be able to turn the chosen object ON or OFF as many times as you like. So the most important is to find the positive wire that is
going to that particular object. Then that wire needs to be cut and in between installed
that switch (relay). Please do not forget to connect the GPS tracking device to that
relay so you could remotely control that object.

The safest way is to disable the starter. Therefore this video is about how to disable
kill the starter of any car.

You may decide to use this switch relay to disable or to enable the fuel pump. All you
need to do is to find the right wire that is going to the fuel pump. But, please, note if
you remotely disable the fuel pump, the car may stop in the middle of the freeway
creating very dangerous conditions. So make sure that the car completely stops
before disabling the fuel pump. Some cars will be able to drive a little even if the fuel
pump is disabled because some fuel could be left in the fuel pump. So this also may
create some dangerous conditions. Let's say you disabled the fuel pump when the car is parked in the parking lot but it may have enough fuel inside the pump to enter the busy street and suddenly the car stops in the middle of the street. Another warning is
disabling the fuel pump for the vehicle or truck that uses the diesel fuel. By disabling
the diesel fuel pump, the system may get air inside, so the truck will not start again,
unless the car mechanic will aerate the system. Actually this may work if the truck is
stolen, so it may take a lot of time for the vehicle to start again.

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