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FED press release as scare tactic; my last tda video

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this document appears to be a scare tactic. this is my last tda video (see Nayes and Ayes), but i've included links to the sources i'd relied on for intel below, including positive messages with intel/updates:
1) Mike Obrien:
2) Gary Larrabee (search for 1. Sharen and 2. Ginger):
3) 2 NEOTECH (search for Zorra Call):
4) Light Messages:
5) Community of Light:

as alternative to tda access, consider looking into global currency reset (gcr).
iraq dinar (search Ray's Call) and zimbabwe bond (search Yosef):

0:45 settings speed 2
1:15 FED press release:
2:00 navigating channel; sourcing private study:
3:30 Final Guidelines for Evaluation Joint Account Requests
7:10 Mike Obrien covers TDA and HATJ and Randy:
7:30 ONE (page 4): access requires correction of political status, where US citizen may access only fiat currency (Federal Reserve Notes) and nonresident alien/noncitizen national may access Treasury.
1) US passport application option:
2) executor/executrix option, part 1: part 2:
3) Roger Sayles option:
8:15 Black's Law Dictionary 4th edition (1968) for defining words in Uniform Commercial Code:
Bouvier's Common Law Dictionary:
[privately, i believe the American republic will be restore before anyone feasibly able to correct political status.]
8:45 TWO (p 5): joint accounts: FED problems with multiple names attached to ssn
[zorra mentioned access would be inevitable and no paperwork would be necessary.]
11:50 THREE (p 7): FED may count on people to not correct political status
13:25 FOUR (p 11): fiat currency may continue for US citizens
[US Dollar/fiat currency will be replaced with asset-backed money. US Notes (domestic transactions) or Treasury Notes (international transactions: ]
TDA Nays:
Karen Hudes:
Anna von Reitz:
Kent Dunn (search Kent Dunn):
TDA Ayes: Zorra (search Zorra Call and Sharen):
Mike Obrien covering HATJ (livestream conference calls and HATJ updates):
16:20 FIVE (p17): hording may restrict and close account (p26) with one warning
[global currency reset (GCR) is to help people with ascension and accomplish sensation of abundance]
16:55 SIX (p 21): FED may not disclose/acknowledge account
20:10 SEVEN (p 22): active online community may serve as own customer service
21: 05 EIGHT (p 23) minions may maintain banking cartel's framework
23:25 NINE (p 25) "Operators" may include child protective services (CPS), attorneys, correctional facilities
25:35 swiss ballot initiative to remove fractionalized banking:
minor Annotation (pages 1-15):
minor Annotation (pp 16-31):

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