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Computer Industry One of the most influential industries to the economy.
Constant state of change The market is unlimited The main distribution channel of computers is the Internet. ,The Future of PC Technology Amy Gentile Susie Warning Besty Buckham Kehinde Walker Rajnita Gupta
,PC’s Encourage… Software Learning Experiences
Better Management and Control Opportunities Better Network Relationships Creativity and Innovation Involvement of Engineers ,Breakthrough Technology 1969 - Silicon chip
1980’s – desktops in corporations 1990’s – Powerful Pc’s 1997 -Popular PC’s 1998 - Sales grew to $170 billion ,PC Costs In 1997 the average cost was $1,600.
In 1999 the average cost was $950. Prices will continue to decrease. ,Forecasts: Satellites
Internet Super Materials Edutainment Hybrid Fuel Vehicles Personalized Public Transportation High Power Energy Packages Omnipresent Computing Nanotechnology ,What is a Satellite? Wireless receiver/transmitter
Hundreds of satellites currently in use Used for : weather forecasting
television broadcast radio communications Internet Global Positioning System ,How do Satellites Work? Communications subsystem very important
Significant factors: special antennas
receivers transmitters Radio dishes transmit and receive signals to communicate ,Command and Data Subsystems that are very important to the functions of satellites
Consist of computers that gather and process data on a satellite Inputs Outputs ,GPS (Global Positioning System) Collection of 24 satellites that orbit the Earth
Identify location Each satellite contains a computer, an atomic clock, and a radio. Clock, continually broadcasts its changing position and time
OnStar systems ,The Global Positioning System satellites locate a vehicle
Special hand held cellular phone provides a communications link Most likely become so common that it is a standard feature Most important is the automatic air bag notification ,Other Features: Convenience/Information Services
Concierge Services Emergency Services Remote Door Unlock Roadside Assistance Route Support New Services Theft Protection ,The Future of Satellite Smart maps and tracking devices
Safer and easier
Show travelers, boaters, and hikers their exact position and direction Prevent crime Automatic driving ,The Future of the Internet
,Personal Computing at The Next Level Hewlett-Packard Developments
PC eyeglasses ,The “Internet Home” Homeowners choose
Home web site Automated appliances Replacement of PCs ,2010 and Beyond… New appliances and features
Food and packaging Anti-bacterial concerns Environmental concerns ,“The most likely way for the world to be destroyed is by accident. That’s where we come in; we’re computer professionals. We cause accidents.”-Nathaniel Borenstein Engineers, Scientists, and Computer Technologist are combining forces to create the greatest technical revolution. The invention of smart materials will shift the computer industry to new heights.
, Smart Materials
,Institute of Physics (IOP), U.K.Definition… Materials Science
Sensing and Actuation Optics and Electromagnetics Structures Control ,Materials Science Composites
Ceramics Processing Science Interface Science Conducting and Chiral Polymers Electro chromic Materials Liquid Crystals Biomaterials ,Sensing and Actuation Electromagnetic Sensing
Acoustic Sensing Singled-Measured Sensors Compatibility of Sensors and Actuators with Conventional and Advanced Materials Smart Sensors for Materials and Composites Processing ,Optics and Electromagnetics Optical Fiber Technology
Active and Adaptive Optical Systems Tunable High-Dielectric Phase Shifters Tunable Surface Control ,Structures Smart Skins (for drag and turbulence control)
Applications in Aerospace and Hydrospace Structures Civil Infrastructures Transportation Vehicles Manufacturing Equipment ,Control Structural Acoustic Control
Analogue and Digital Feedback Control Real-Tim

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