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Cellular GPS Tracking Software To Track All GPS Activities Made On Any Cell Phone

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Description - Highstar mobile spying is a high rated 5 star spying app. With it, you don’t have to worry because all your phone’s security needs are covered. When you need to know anything about remote spying of the target phone, Highstar spy app is the best suitor to your needs. The Highstar spy gives you the capability to track every single and possible activity that transpires within the targeted phone.

1. The Highstar spy can record both incoming and outgoing calls on the target phone. This is achieved through recording all conversations that take place. After the recording, the date is then uploaded to your personalonline account. This account is highly secured and accessible only to you. To access this account, ones needs to login with the password and username. This password is user allocated and specified once you have bought the product. In this account, all features data are accessible at anytime from anywhere all around the world.

2. With Highstar spy, you can also spy the text messages. This includes all sent and received messages. This software is also accurate, it shows you the time when the message was sent, time when it was received and the full content of the message. All this shall be accessed through the Highstar spy account.

3. A Highstar spy app can activate your phones Microphone to its live stature remotely. His can simply be done via the remote laptop to turn on the target phone Microphone. When the microphone is activated, Highstar spy enables you to listen at what is happening at the phone’s environment. And with this, sensitivity is assured. It is so sensitive that even a pin drop can be heard from the next room. Monitor target phone remotely from you laptop, pc or phone so you can listen in on what is happening around the target phone, you can even here a small whisper in the opposite side of the room. In a text below you will find out a lot more unique and advance spying features.

4. It also enables GPS Tracking the Highstar spy is the device that will enable you to visualize the phone location. This is achieved via GPS. It shows you where the target phone is at any time. The jovial thing about this app is its accuracy. The app can be accurate to the level of showing the street and house address. As if not enough, the GPS tracker can further show you the phone types. To display this, the app is linked to Google map.

5. The Highstar spy app stores call logs and make the logs available to remote trackers. This means that, it will record every call made including the numbers dialed or received for the phone. It also keeps tracks of every call that was made and every text message sent. The Highstar app shows both the recipient and the sender of the message and the time when the message transaction was made.

6. Highstar spy app grants you access to picture gallery as well as videos, through this app, you are able to view all videos and photos on the target phone remotely. Their access can be through a remote computer, laptop or even a phone. To make things better, you doesn’t need to be near the target phone so as to view the media.

7. Highstar spy has another very impressive feature. With this software, one can be able to listen and hear the conversation between two parties as they communicate. This feature is comparable to the intercom which involves a third party. Another good thing about it, the third party can hear their conversation, but the first two parties cannot detect the presence of the third party. The application is completely cloaked thus preventing sound transmission from the third party. Hence, the 3rd party can listen to the conversation remotely without being detected.

8. Via Highstar spy, you are also able to listen to voice calls. Voice calls are left where a call has been missed. The voice messages shall be stored on the secure online login account that is only accessible to specifics. The principle of operation is relatively similar to that of call listening feature.

9. Highstar spy extends its services to Email spying. The app gives one the potential to view sent and received emails. As long as the email is logged on, this software can fetch any email transaction that takes place.

What other competitors think about this spying software? What makes Highster Mobile spy app completely invisible?

The Highstar spy has remained an amazing mystery among its competitors. The app performs tasks that are capable by no other spying app. The app can be used on a variety of phones as it is not particular to any, unlike most mobile trackers. Its potential to track down can be shrugged down by no other. The prospective the app possesses to spy without being detected enhances its ability to be used in a wide variety of applications. It uses a high advance cloaking feature to enhance its ability won’t be detected.

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